After I noticed how male-heavy my Night Light playlists started out, and knowing that the music industry is extremely male-dominated, I wanted to make Night Light mix #11 entirely from music by women (including trans and gender-nonconforming ~ womxn).

“Of the 899 individuals who have been nominated for the last six Grammy ceremonies, 90.7% were men and 9.3% percent were women”, New York Times, Jan. 25, 2018

To prepare my first all-lady playlist, I asked for submissions from my community — I played Santigold’s “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” for our BFF fm station founder Amanda Guest, and Miss Eaves’ “Fuccboi Salute” for feminist activist / friend Whitney Bell. I discovered Yoko Ono’s 1973 track “Woman Power”, which ended up being the name of the episode and resulting series. The rest evolved from there!

This series intends to bring more female energy back into the realm of music, our hearts, and the world in general. All kinds of female vibes — loving, angry, funny, deep, playful, sexy, strong. Music by women can be triumphant and badass just by existing, and it’s a pleasure to share the best of what I find, and cathartic especially in today’s political climate.

Yoko Ono re-released Woman Power this fall 2018. The vibe is potent!

THANK YOU to all the womxn artists who have fought so hard even just to be able to share their art for us to enjoy, to all of those who fought and are fighting for the equality of womxn. Music transforms people heart-first…share the love and help the good change flow faster!